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these are the things that are greater than me.
the few words that can escape my bottled being.
these are the things that are greater than me.
the few thoughts that can make their way out of me
to end in nothingness, out of me to end in light.

self - portraits. 

Old English Major Days

I was reading through some of papers I wrote during undergrad, and I honestly don’t know why I was surprised to have ended up being in love with labor law. 

"Ozeki’s novel ultimately portrays the way in which identity is negotiated through interactions in the global market. Because we are what we consume, consumption allows us to participate in what we have conceived to be a cultural identity. Ozeki’s novel also reveals to us is that there is no inherent cultural identity. If in a global economy cultural identity can be sold and produced in the same way that food and clothing can be sold and produced then we discover that culture can also be considered a commodity. There is no intrinsic value to culture, aside from that which can be created in order to generate economic markets. Through the creation of a narrative which is centered on the reproduction of identity Ozeki has essentially managed to address the way in which individuals relate to culture and consumption in a globalized economy. Identity is the link which ultimately connects the consumer to what he or she consumes. It is through consumption that cultural identification may be democratized and assimilated by a globalized world." 

In the presence of an American identity that is defined by its patterns of consumption and the acquisition of material goods, Ginsberg is struggling to return to an America which embraces its distinctions and differences rather than attempting to standardize its own identity and population. Ginsberg’s Howl and Other Poems exemplifies the ineffectiveness of capitalism as a structure through which to mold society and identity. Although capitalism is an efficient economic system, it is an unacceptable social system because of its dehumanizing nature.

And then some unrelated things on truth language and identity

Through the creation of complex female characters and a strong male lead, Chandler has essentially created the perfect disguise for an exploration of what it means to be born into a system of language characterized by a sense of lack. It is the separation from the “Real” or the truth which demands society create language as a way to articulate was is missing, in the same way that it is the missing information about the blackmail and later on Regan which demands a character like a private detective be created to articulate what is absent. The detective is necessary in the same way language is necessary because he must negotiate truth for characters which are incomplete. This is perhaps why it is significant that Marlowe fails to create social justice and considers himself “a part of the nastiness” (230) by the end of the novel, for he has become aware of the implausibility of his mission, he may never fully process the absolute truth, or the Real. 

These lines are significant in that they present to us a man who has understood his division. By addressing that he once killed a villain and that he will slay himself in the same matter, he has essentially equated both villain and hero in himself. This acknowledgment of interior contradiction is proof of his divided self. The “turbaned Turk” (2190) acted against the state by harming a citizen, a part or division of the united state. Othello essentially has become the Turk in that he has acted against his union by slaying his other half, that is to say Desdemona. It is in the last speech that we may encounter an Othello who can finally understand truth and its creation, in that he seeks to define his self even a few lines before his death. While this is a man who is attempting to write his own “pre-script” (Shoaf), this is also a man who has understood that his failure to acknowledge his divided self is what has caused his present condition.

The line “speak of me as I am” (2190) is significant to our understanding of this play in that it represents an acknowledgment of a truth being defined through language. What Othello seeks in his last moments, is to be represented by what he has understood himself to be. Othello’s last speech is an attempt to become an “author of his own fate” (Shoaf). He can seek to define himself because he has understood the division of his self. In him there is both darkness and light, he is both himself and not himself at the same time. This image of the divided self can then be paralleled to the image of an actor, who on stage is both himself and not himself as he acts the part of another individual.


como anillo al dedo.


Todavía no me has entendido. Mi coraje es fe, fe en mi inagotable capacidad de adaptación: fe en que la alegría volverá, y la esperanza y la espontaneidad. Y creo que, mientras dure, tengo que mantener la boca cerrada y la cabeza bien alta y los ojos bien abiertos, y las sonrisas tontas sobran. Sí, también he bajado al infierno sin una lágrima muchas veces. Y el infierno de las mujeres es mucho más terrible que el de los hombres.

  ~ Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

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yo, this song is too sexy. 

30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself. #4 Is Absolutely Vital.

working on #14

"Y para estar total, completa, absolutamente enamorado, hay que tener plena conciencia de que uno también es querido, que uno también inspira amor."
- Mario Benedetti 

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como solo Neruda lo pudo decir

como solo Neruda lo pudo decir


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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De todos los meses del a~o
No existe uno mas lindo que abril.

Abril abril
Mes donde porfin florecen los arboles
Donde se andan coquetando los pajaritos
Donde porfin se extingue el furor del invierno
Y donde se descruben sentimientos que el frio habia dejado congelados.

No me sorprende que este abril me sepa a ceniza. Que ya no me hagan sonreir las personas con las manos agarradas, o los pajaritos construyendo sus nidos, o ver como cambia de color todo lo que hace pocos dia fue solo gris.

No me sorprende que este primer dia de abril haya sido helado. Que me haya atrapado la gripe. Que no se hayan extinguido las noches de a 15 bajo zero.

Este abril ya no es igual. En este abril yo, ya no soy igual. Y porfin entiendo lo que queria decir sabina cuando canto quien me ha robado el mes de abril?

Quiero creer en el amor con todas mis fuerzas. Pero siento que ya nunca voy a poder a volver a creer. Como si hubiese pasado de estar viva a existir.

Asi va la vida. La marea sube y baja. El amor viene y va. La esperanzase acerca y se aleja.

Todo va a salir bien. 

Revolutionary Road.

self-made woman.

A long time ago, I remember telling my friend Gaby Riccio that all I wanted to do was go live all over the United States. A few years later I have lived in: Weston, Fl; Gainesville, FL; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Silver Springs, MD; San Francisco, CA; and soon Seattle, WA. 

As these last three years in Boston come to an end, I am faced with the realization that I have crammed a lot of life into a very short period of time. I feel a sense of accomplishment in that I proved to myself that I could survive. I am grateful I took advantage of the opportunity to experience new cities. Its weird how its only when you look back, that you truly get to see and appreciate the path you have been fighting to make every day. 

It hasn’t been all pretty, or all joyful. My path has been filled with challenging moments, with tests of endurance, and faith. I’ve had to pull myself up by my boot straps and push forward, in moments where I really did not think I could keep going. I had to come face to face with who I am, and actively choose to evolve. To be kinder. To be more accepting. To understand that I couldn’t predict or control every element in my life. I had to fight to become the person that I am today, and I am still fighting to be the person that I know I want to be.

I realize today that at every moment I have been making a choice. That the path that is behind me has been the result of individual determinations that have either pushed me forward or held me back. I realize that there is really power in choosing. And with this, I have decided to make a new goal for the next couple of years. 

Here’s to the living the life I wan to live, 
to moving forward and to adventure.

Here’s to feeling scared, and doing it anyway. 
To letting go. To leaping. To making it in America.

To filling in the gaps. 
To making it up as you go. 
And following your gut. 

To forgiving yourself. To learning from mistakes. 
To accepting yourself for you who you are. 

Today I make a promise to myself: I promise to take care of myself and to seek to live a rich life. 

I hope that one day, when this all ends, I will be able to look back and say: I had the backbone to live the life I wanted to live. 

Theres things in my life I cant control.

"La vida tiene algo para ti… me duele no ser yo. Lo siento niño debo partir. Entiéndeme."
- Belanova - Niño (via poesiaespanol)
the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
- meditation, nayyirah waheed (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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